Coffee Wars – Barista of the Month

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Obviously very comfortable behind the espresso machine, Tom Glen carefully peaks into the silver milk jug, listening and feeling for the right temperature and perfectly smooth milk. Carefully pouring it into a latte glass and creating a close to perfect heart shape in the foam, you can see he’s had a lot of experience and takes pride in every coffee he creates.

Tom, 29, has been head barista at GB Espresso in St Kilda since they opened, but has been working in hospitality for almost a decade. Tom’s expertise has developed over the years with multiple hospitality courses, including a year of specialty Barista training whilst working for Di Bella Coffee and 2 years as head barista at Market Espresso in North Melbourne. He gained considerable experience managing ‘The Suite’ whilst in Perth and numerous other places around Australia.

Tom is now thriving at GB Espresso, creating beautiful coffee with their specially chosen Harvest Blend by Five Senses, and a top of the line, completely computer programmed Synesso ‘Hydra’ coffee machine with a four stage extraction process.

“It’s a modern way of going back to the old lever machines for a more rounded coffee”, says Tom, “it creates a more interesting coffee. You’re taking a good roast and getting everything you can get from it”.

The combination of Tom’s expertise and their delicious bean of choice, Harvest blend by Five Senses, ensures that GB Espresso provides their customers with superb coffee every time.

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