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19 Squares

31 Blessington Street, St Kilda

4.5/5 beans

Having recently been placed amongst the top 25 places for coffee by the Age, expectations are high for this cute little café.

A team of genuinely warm and friendly staff run 19 Squares with a casual efficiency.

Although 19 Squares have been praised for their coffee, we order both a classic latte and chai latte. The true test of a good café is how they treat all beverages.

The latte is presented beautifully; rich in colour and decorated with a fern leaf pattern, perhaps a homage to the Kiwi co-owner Tamara Gluzman?

Strong and hot, the latte is close to perfection. Great beans, brewed well, make a world of difference and barista Marco Baeza certainly knows how to treat the Coffee Supreme beans. Using the Origin Blend the beans are both organic and fairtrade.

The real magic though, lies in the chai latte…

Unlike most cafes that use powdered chai mixtures, or even store-bought chai teabags, 19 Squares brews it’s own chai concoction. The balance between spice and sweetness is perfect, free from the sickly sweetness or burning spiciness of most chai lattes.
Even the thin layer of foam on the chai is noteworthy. It is the perfect consistency, not too dense.

Tucked behind the bustle of Acland Street, 19 Squares is worth the detour.

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