Coffee Review: The Joinery Café

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coffe at The Joinery by LouiseThe Joinery Café


4 stars for helping us walk all the way home again.

Flavour –

3.5 for a very worthy coffee

Barista Enthusiasm

10 stars for the puppy love.. she came out and gave my dogs a cuddle.


The Joinery is an old favorite of mine… I used to pop over there when it first opened up after Yoga class or the Elwood markets, and the menu has changed a lot over time without losing its essential character. I would call that character earnest. Earnestly making its way with healthy options such as their own paleo breakfast bar and their rather tasty lunches including the mind blower like the Rueben sandwich.

My coffee arrived in a cup which is unusual for a latte I am ingrained to expect a glass for a café latte from my days in Italy when I fell in love with this new coffee thing . The Café Latte in Italy that to me was a miraculous hot coffee milkshake keeping me warm as I backpacked in Northern Italy in December. It has always been a glass and for me always should be… but I can’t be too snobby about my Café Latte standards now that I am having a Café Soy if you were being pedantic. So with expectations thrown aside I realized how a small cup while feeling a little bit more delicate for sitting down for a coffee just works.

The coffee flavor is excellent… not sure what beans we are working with at The Joinery but they are a bit more gritty and robust in flavor.. My husband tried a matcha latte and was happy. The breakfast was amazing with little leafy things and a couple of poached eggs I felt wholesome just looking at the well presented dish. My husband’s spinner crab pasta was also delicious.

What worked was the chance to sit outside, eat something a bit more exciting than the usual breakfast fare and enjoy a Sunday am coffee with the dogs before we walked home. The staff were so friendly that they came out to chat to us but I think what they were really doing was just trying to get a chance to cuddle our dogs.

Elwood always delivers at this time of the year and The Joinery is still a go to favorite.

Fact Sheet

Address: 5 Ormond Rd, Elwood VIC 3184

Milks: Bonsoy and Almond as well as the dairy stuff.



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