Coffee review: The Butcher’s Daughter – Elwood

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coffee at butchers daughter by louiseThe Butcher’s Daughter – Elwood

Rate for Kick

3.5 for a wake up coffee

Rate for Flavour

Delicious and full bodied like any wide open road should be.

Rate for Barista Enthusiasm

Our barista seemed like a nice enough chat but it may have been the hour as we both needed to start quietly into coffees and contemplate the future before we saw any level of excitement. Yes it was early morning an hour not normally noted for its enthusiastic people.


When you hear of a café opening up called The Butcher’s Daughter I am always left wondering if the name is based on someone actually in the business or not. When I went in to sample one of their coffees on a weekday morning before work, I noticed the drying of slabs of meat poetically balanced as part of a feature wall; charcuterie was the only thing that offered a sign of butchering. There was an element of meatiness with a distinctly European intention in the menu and design which sets the venue apart from the green feasting health cafes of Elwood and did seem to have a lot of the more delicious carby sort of food we all love even if we wont admit it. There are not a great range of vegetarian options in the snack brioche rolls category. However I wasn’t there for a proper breakfast and I don’t mind a slightly carby start to my day.

There is a lot to love about The Butcher’s Daughter which had been set up by the coming together of two business partners, Jackie Bega who also runs amongst her many venues The Galleon amongst (a place that has stood the test of time to become a legendary place where it seems but is not impossible to get a seat on the weekend – but isn’t) and Ryan Cassidy who runs Truman in Albert Park which I have not been to yet.

The attention to detail that is achieved with everything from the artfully designed fittings and arrangement of ‘milks’ on the wall to the in-house bakery and patisserie makes this place a bit special. No wonder on a weekend the place is pumping… spilling out onto the footpath and extending into a street frontage courtyard that they seem to have a license to be in. It’s been that way since the venue was built quite a long time ago and is a selling point in an area short on expansive outdoor space.

The coffee was a robust but enjoyable bean which I have had before from Wide Open Road and offers an endless filter option. But a good coffee is more than its beans, its an experience where you can sit down and enjoy the coffee the atmosphere and the visuals both in terms of people and décor. The Butchers Daughter just works even down to the comfy plush window seats to be enjoyed until I have to rush off to work.

Fact Sheet

114 Ormond Road, Elwood

Milks: Bonsoy, Coconut, Almond Milk

Chai: Prana Chai

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