Coffee Review: Le Petit Lapin – Glen Eira Road Elsternwick

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Coffee Review: Le Petit Lapin – Glen Eira Road Elsternwick.


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A tasty 4.


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Nice full bodied flavour


  1. Rate for Barista enthusiasm


Perhaps a bit subdued but maybe that was because he was busy.


  1. My Experience


We dropped into Le Petit Lapin one Saturday afternoon for a cup of coffee. It’s a not so hidden gem in Glen Eira road Elsternwick and it is an indulgent Frenchy café that is a sweet tooth haven. We were in trouble.


Its very hard to ignore the chocolate section near the entrance to order an unostentatious tea but we thought one little cake would be enough until the manager Christina mentioned that she had to make scones.


Scones and jam and cream in the hood! Be still my beating heart. This was after I had already blown what remnants of a diet I was attempting to follow with a deliciously subtle chocolate and raspberry mousse cake, which melted in my mouth.


Scones – it’s been too long and my old friend and I always wanted to meet you again. But scones can go terribly wrong as well. The ultimate disappointment is a scone over baked, over heavy or sitting on a shelf dried out and depressed.


Le Petit Lapin’s scones on the other hand were scone dreaming, a delightful buttery warm fluffy melt -in-the-mouth experience with a perfect jam accompaniment, meant that our quick coffee ended up being a sweet treat festival complete with a comfortable couch.


Our twenty minutes became an hour as we sipped and nibbled and tasted some of the most worthwhile reasons to bust a diet after all life is just too short and Le Petit Lapin reminds us what the good life is all about. A short drive from St Kilda its well worth the excursion and to let go of the guilt you can always cycle up there.


  1. Fact Sheets


  • Bonsoy and almond milk.
  • Chai excellent leaf tea.
  • Really interesting tea selection.


By Louise Avery


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