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1. Rate for Kick!

Milky soft to Kapow Strong.

4 outa 5 for strength.

I purchased a double shot (strong) latte. No change there then. Good strength.

2. Rate for Flavor.

Bland and Watery to Kardashian rich and full bodied.

3 outa 5 for flavor.

The coffee here is perfectly fine. They serve up Genovese. A tad bitter for my little tongue buds.

3. Rate for staff.

4 out of 5 for staff.

Very friendly staff. Attentive is an understatement, water and menus arrived at our table before I could say ‘Can I have some menus and water please?’

4. Content

I’ve a friend who does reviews too. He has a different approach to me. He likes to inform the proprietor of the capacity in which his patronage exists. That way he acquires lots of information about the business and if he’s really lucky a discount or freebie. He even got a vegan cheese company to sponsor his birthday party. I’m honestly impressed by his approach. I don’t inform my hosts of the purpose for my visit. I simply show up looking like a cross between an over age hipster and Grover from the muppets. I take my daughter with me as an indication that I am indeed a responsible adult. That way I get asked to leave less frequently.

My colleague also believes one should give two compliments for every negative comment. And that the negative comment should be sandwiched between the two positive. For example if I wanted to tell a friend they weren’t very attractive, I could say ‘Your toes are the best toes I’ve ever seen. Your face is like a bag of spanners. And your eyes sparkle like something positively sparkly.’

So what kind of sandwich might I serve up for Jerry’s?

Well I do love this cafe inside and out. It’s an old milk bar that stands alone at the Elwood end of Barkly. There are chairs and tables outside and this end of the street is far more peaceful than the other. So you can sit in relative peace and have your coffee without diesel fumes. Inside there’s a 1950’s feel. It’s not full on ‘diner’ style but colorful vinyl chairs, a raised platform and classic bar stools around the edges contribute to a whiff of ‘Fonz.’ Sorry if you don’t know who he is.

The filling for my sandwich is the coffee. It’s not much of a gripe but I couldn’t really pick out the flavors and it lacked acidity. Still perfectly drinkable and enjoyable.

The piece of bread that sits atop my sandwich is actually a smoothie. My daughter is on a non diary diet so we requested a berry smoothie made from almond milk, no yoghurt and ice cream. And the staff were great, nothing was too much trouble. I’m always grateful for this flexibility and willingness to support customers left field dietary requirements. When I was a kid almond milk didn’t exist, you’d have had to take your own almonds to the cafe and ask the chef to milk them for you. Then the chef would give instructions as to where you could shove your almonds. How the world has changed!

By Mark Lee

Jerry’s Milk Bar 345 Barkly Street. Elwood


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