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Galleon Café or as anyone local would say “The Galleon”

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Consistently good 3.5

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Bitter with the right amount of flavour.

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There was no banter as the team churned out quality coffee after quality coffee.

Some of us old St Kilda-ites know what an institution the Galleon is; built on crafty thrown together boat tables, op shop chairs and a wall dedicated to local notices that has changed little since it was established… a very very long time ago. It started in the mid 80’s and may even be older and than some of the St Kilda news readers and some of the furniture seems to be older still. But have its charms faded as so many things in St Kilda can do? When I went on a weekend to grab some breakfast and review their coffees I realised that legends are still worth lining up for …and people were lining up in droves. They arrived in groups eager to add their name to a list to meet family and friends. It is like 1996 all over again. In fact fashion lately is very much like 1996 all over again. There was a lot to reassure that time could stand still in this one pocket amongst St Kilda’s endless development.

The best thing about the Galleon for many years was a hearty breakfast, a good coffee or light but interesting basic lunches. Back in the day we would virtually jump off a plane from Europe to rush back to St Kilda for their legendary Spanakopita and salad

I don’t know if the food is quite the same but it still offers a range that tastes good, is heartily filling and inspiring enough for my breakfast out. The coffee has enough balls as I sat back at my boat table watching the passing crowd join family and friends to hang out for a chat. Its still way cool and very St Kilda and very much loved just the way it is.

By Louise Avery

Galleon Café

9 Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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