Co-working: A new trend and how “times they are a changin”

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Co-workingAs written in a new book Innovation Melbourne, by Melbourne’s own Taylor Tran, over half of the future workforce will be self-employed. The fact that 2 million Australians are currently leaving their jobs each year of which over 80% are actually voluntary. Times are really changing and it’s really easy to set up your own business these days. If you know what you’re doing you can actually set up a top notch website for around $100 and start competing with more established players in no time.

We are becoming familiar with the fact that Airbnb is now the largest accommodation provider in the world, yet owns no accommodation and Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, that owns doesn’t own the vehicles. It’s a new way to think about things and those who can keep up, will design and create a new future for themselves and Melbourne.

St Kilda will soon launch a new co-working space aptly named Blank CanvasCoworking which is a place where you can go and do exactly that – create a new future for yourself. Blank Canvas will be a place where you can go and connect with like-minded doers and change makers and a spot set at the heart of Acland Street with a view towards the Melbourne’s iconic bay for inspiration.

Blank Canvas is founded by Doug Hartmann who comes with a deep background in social enterprise and the sharing economy with a great passion for sustainable enterprise, social innovation and empowering create their own future. Doug’s mission is to make Blank Canvas Coworking the platform for freelancers, experienced entrepreneurs, start up’s and associated professionals can come together in a dedicated space that fosters their endeavors and is looking forward to bringing a unique style of co-working to St Kilda.

For St Kilda residence the book and the new co-working space is a happy coincidence yet also a function of the emerging trend in co-working that has been exploding across the world over the past few years. Innovation Melbourne is actually the first comprehensive guide to Melbourne and Victoria’s 70+ co-working spaces, and to navigating this ecosystem.

The book is arguably the most accessible condensation of top-tier insights on entrepreneurship in Melbourne and was written to support entrepreneurs be the change they want to see. It provides insights and tips on where to go, what to do and who to talk to and start a freelancing or start-up business via a co-working space.

Local St Kilda resident and long-time business and community leader Joel Cohen read the book over a couple of hours and said “it was so enjoyable to read a distillation of good quality information, knowledge and wisdom.

I’ve asked my wife to read it also as it provide a realistic and funny take on entrepreneurships – much like the journey that we have taken over the past few years”. Between the new book and revitalised co-working space Blank Canvas, things seems to be falling into place for St Kilda to develop its own unique hub for innovation.

St Kilda after all is an important community and if anything a major contributor to why Melbourne has become the most attractive and liveable city in the world. Being Australians and down to earth, we often forget that what we do and how we live on a casual St Kilda day is actually the envy of the world.

Now is a time for us to once again take the lead on change and redefine that it means to be innovator in a liveable city. There seems to be an opportunity for us to really play in the world stage and change the world by providing a unique take on ‘innovation in Melbourne’.

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