Chic French Chicks JUNIORE @ Alliance Francaise St Kilda

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By HENRY SHIRES, Resident Music & Film Writer

Further up Grey Street, past the prostitutes and the Sacred Heart lost souls, lies the smallest French protectorate in the world. The fantastic, Francophile Alliance Francaise Melbourne (AFM). And, due to a “supercool” Gallic gentleman, Jean Francois Ponthieux, Melbourne also has its annual festival and feast of all things French, SO FRENCHY SO CHIC (SFSC), in Werribee Park.

If you can’t make it out to The Park, you can still experience a taste, if not the best of, SFSC, in the beautiful genteel Grey Street garden of the AFM.

The event on 15th January was no exception.

JUNIORE are three French women and one French man, who dresses as Edvard Munch’s The Scream. They play, among other things, a genre which, unless you are a major aficionado of some of Melbourne’s PBS Radio’s more esoteric offerings, you might well never have experienced, as such; 60’s French Beat/Surf/Psychedelia/Easy Listening/Film Scores.

Photo credit: Serge Thomann

Photo credit: Serge Thomann

Or, to put it another way – FRENCH FEMALE TARANTINO MOVIE MUSIC!

Now, I don’t know how they went down in front of a crowd of thousands the night before in Werribee Park, for the real thing, (I am told VERY well) but they certainly fit the bill in the ornate, quasi-Gothic high treed gardens of the AFM.

They wore long black tights, flared and tasselled 60’s black witchy sleeves – and that was just the guy! They crooned, shrilled and even screamed. They battered us into the subtlest 60’s pop-sensibility-submission with their booming Beat Blanket Babylon B Movie basslines.

All that was missing was a raised bloody dagger or two and a couple of Vampirettes Lesbos and ‘’Quentin T’’  could have easily been credited as Artistic Director.

And, if all this was not eclectic enough for you, the lead French femme fatale Anna Le Clezio’s father Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature, for his life’s work as a famous French author.

With such literate and dramatic mise en scenes to JUNIORE’S creative material, it must run…in the blood.

Like a little bit of French in you?

The Alliance Française de Melbourne is an Australian not-for-profit association dedicated to the promotion of the French language and culture. They offer regular French classes for Francophones of all levels, from absolute beginners to going native speakers.

HENRY SHIRES is a published poet and columnist, a Winner of St Kilda based Poetry Idol 2011 and an in-demand Creative Writing Tutor, who can help writers of any age (as long as they are old enough to write) to find and hone their own unique written voice

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