Cheshire’s Alternate Reality

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By Shannon Grant


I am not crazy,

I may appear a tad hazy,

Though it isn’t all bad,

Being mad.


Look at me,

Don’t you see?

I am not all here,

I may disappear.


You are quite plain,

Being the only one that’s sane,

Wouldn’t you agree?

Here have some tea.


Have you ever played croquet?

I hear they are having a game today,

But be sure to keep your head,

Although you might be seeing red.


You don’t have a choice,

Follow my voice,

We’ll go see mad hatter,

Let’s continue our chatter.


I really do love that hat,

It would look good on a Cheshire cat,

You would agree,

If you were me.


You and I are off together,

Shall we discuss the weather?

Can you stand on your head?

Never mind you can watch me instead.


Ahh here we are,

Oh how bizarre,

Hatter’s not finished his tea,

He is clearly off his tree.

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