Cassettes tapes and denim: New series of art prints celebrates sixties music

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Elwood based, Fine Art Photographer Mat Hughes, is bringing a little Rock`n`Roll swagger to some of Melbourne`s more funky homes with his brand new “InRock” range of prints. These prints stand centre-stage and celebrate classic albums from the 1960s & 70s.

“The project started out as personal one,” explains Mat who is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience.

“I`ve always loved the music of the sixties and seventies and happened to see a Gumtree advert for a chap in Brisbane who was selling his entire collection of eight track cartridges. He had thousands!” Hughes said.

For those unfamiliar with eight track cartridges, these were large cassette tapes that used to be very popular in Australia and also over in the United States where Mat sells a lot of his work.

“I was only able to photograph a very small fraction of this chaps amazing collection but the thing that really stood out for me was his love of music. The cartridges were really battered and covered in scratches from being played hundreds of times.

“I soon realized that while I already loved the music and knew every one of those classic albums, it was really the incredibly rich patina of wear & tear that I was most interested in photographing

“Here was the soundtrack to someone`s life. I`ve really tried to capture the smell of denim and patchouli oil in these prints!

They remind me of the good times, the endless summers, driving with the windows down,” he says.

Mat originally studied photography at the Plymouth College of Art & Design in the UK in the early 1980s before moving to London and freelancing. More recently he has been recognised and won awards for his fine art photography and taken part in several exhibitions in Melbourne.

While the teenagers of the 1960s & 70s have long since grown up and most now have houses of their own and Mat recognises that there`s a growing trend with people revisiting and loving the sounds of their youth.

With strong sales to the United States already, Mat reckons the time is probably right for the young at heart here in Australia to make space centre-stage for a piece of wall art that celebrates and is proud of our long haired youth!

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