CAFFEINE HUNTERS: Junction Espresso and Kitchen

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By Henry Shires and Louise Avery


Louise’s take on Junction’s coffee

For a small suburb,Elwood seems to have a large number of cafes. And now, a shiny new player has entered its extensive coffee market. The Junction’s blue and white décor and modern interiors offer a cheery welcoming space to the community. The owners have only recently taken on the site opposite the Ormond Road roundabout and the legendary Turtle café. This reviewer is excited that a long morning walk with the dogs can now finish in the Junction’szen-likebackyard.

For my breakfast I chose ‘My Mexican Uncle’, which was not, as I expected, a moustached mariachi band performance but a dish of corn fritters with a poached egg, salsa, and salad. It also came with Haloumi, which is from Cyprus and not Mexico, making the dish multicultural.

Their coffee is from Sensory Lab, which has a distinctive flavour that is both satisfying and packs its own punch. Although the coffee was well made it was a pleasant diversion rather than the main story for this unique little café in the heart of Elwood.

If you are a tea drinker Junction’s tea may well be… more your cup of tea. Henry has a scoop for those who seek thrill in their tea.


Henry’s take on the Junction’s tea

Junction of Elwood (not the hispster cool Elwood village) has a new tea kid on the block. Perhaps it is a centuries old Chinese tea classic, but in our neighbourhood, it’s new and rebooted for the modern taste buds.

Super grain tea is amazing bang for your 5.5 bucks if you count the number of healthy ingredients in it: yam, soybean, sprouting brown rice, black sesame, barley, red bean, black bean. Topped with shavings of red dates. That’s eight ingredients in a tea!

And the flavour? Indescribable. You just have to go and try it yourself.

If I had one quibble, and you knowI always will do, it was that, despite the fact that my partner in culinary crimes (and life), Louise Avery, who writes the, of course, infinitely inferior coffee reviews, had generously forewarned them of our coming, they did not have any of one of their most intriguing signature dish, the doughnut burger.

So I can’t report on whether it is any good, only that it consists of fried katsu Chicken, kim chi and cucumber and pineapple jam. All in a salt and pepper donut(!!??), served with a side of sweet potato chips.

I have magnanimously decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and return one more time in search of this fabled creation.


8 Ormond Road, Elwood


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