CAFFEINE HUNTERS: Ground Yourself Cafe

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By Henry Shires and Louise Avery


Louise says:

As the super-competitive coffee shop market vies for the endless supply of super- hungry, over-worked and over-tired coffee consumers its no surprise that St Kilda has a new freshly scrubbed face sharing its unique blend of coffee with the local crowd.

It had taken a while of walking past Ground Yourself Café for me to have time to walk in and check out the coffee and introduce myself. There are not a lot of quieter cafes left in St Kilda; the kind of cafes I used to frequent while I tried to write the perfect screenplay.  However, finding myself at Ground Yourself felt like returning to that more easy going time.

Being a coffee reviewer I am not meant to be a soy latte drinker but sadly I can’t drink traditional bovine milk. I tried and found myself suffering for the experience.  This outing does affect some decisions around the taste of the coffee but despite soy milk offering a different flavour to the coffee experience some cafes have made such an art form of making coffee it doesn’t make a huge difference.  I have had destroyed soy milk lattes and superb soy milk lattes.

Dennis who owns and manages Ground Yourself is creating a café for locals.  It’s a hidden sanctuary from the chaos of Acland street’s new plaza space and the sea of summer holiday backpackers hanging out in the plaza.

He offers one of the more exciting smashed avocados I have tried and an array of small snacks for as little as $5 for a slice of frittata.  All the good milk alternatives including Almond and Soy are there as well as a range of powders for the non-caffeine addicted morning date. As for the coffee, it is excellent, with beans from CR coffee with a strong earthy flavour tang.

The menu offers more than the usual fare with some very healthy options including buddha bowls and house made protein bars. It’s a quiet peaceful place to find yourself, which is what you want in a local community café.  Free WiFi and mostly small tables offer you a chance to sit down work on your next manifesto.


Henry says:

In the holistic DeadZonethat is the Coles between Acland and Barkly Streets, some enterprising millennials have sown a more positive energetic seed in the form of the Ground Yourself Café.

See my esteemed colleague Louise’s accompanying review of their big ticket…their coffee above. But I would just like to put in a good word for their other non-alcoholic beverages.

They are definitely on healthy trend with their versions of the current hot beverage fashion leaders of Prana Chai, Matcha (Green Tea) and Turmeric (AKA Golden) Lattes.

And they are (almost) ahead-of-trend with the addition of the very latest hot drink thing, Beetroot Latte (about the best thing you can drink for better blood pressure – sorry Caffeine Hunters out there).

And they are leading the summer soft drinks charge with ICED versions of all the same favourites.

Enjoy a long cold Beetroot Latte outside Coles On Barkly. And with just a twist of the imagination you could be in Clear in spiritual Ubud, instead.

Especially if you go after yoga at the Ihana studio, upstairs.

Shop G8 Acland Court 

183/189 Barkly St, St Kilda VIC 3182



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