I25 Espresso Bar – Blessington Street St Kilda

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I25 Espresso Bar – Blessington Street St Kilda

  1. Rate for Kick!

A reassuring 3.. not too bitter a rather friendly warm coffee.

  1. Rate for Flavour

A flavour that doesn’t overwhelm.

  1. Rate for Barista enthusiasm

Our man seems like a seasoned local who remembers everyone.

  1. My Experience

We found i25 one day early in the New Year when we were walking the dogs back from the dog park and had to navigate a series of friendly pooches to find a seat. It’s that kind of place, old school chairs (literally, not old skool) and an assortment of tables that’s a bit like playing musical chairs. If something better frees up someone will always move along to fill the different space.

I have since made 125 a bit of a regular I confess, the company, the ambience and the friendly faces make this a nice reassuring hangout just minutes from Acland street with out the tourists. It also is conveniently on the way back from the peanut farm dog park where I can drop in with my dogs without anyone getting too upset about Basho’s occasional emotional outbursts at the sight of a Pug (his nemesis).

This tolerance is what St Kilda is all about it extends to people as well and i25 has a local feel, to keep the homey feel the also offer exceptionally good value breakfast and lunch dishes, from croissants to jaffles, eggs in a pan and a delicious muesli among other things all whipped up in a tiny kitchen.

  1. Fact Sheets
  • Bonsoy and almond milk.
  • Clark street roasters
  • Chai reportedly excellent but no information obtained from husband who usually has a chai.
  • 25 Blessington Street St Kilda, 3182
  • Dog friendly, kid friendly.. just really really friendly.


By Louise Avery

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