Cable Hive

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By David Bulafkin

St Kilda’s entrepreneurial scene is firing up with one savvy tech-lover creating the perfect solution to the most nagging problem that everyone faces – a simple “cable” separator.

“Cable Hive” is an ingenious answer to that mounting, tangled cable jumble that probably exists within all of our cupboards.

Benjamin Newman, creator, knows all too well the perils, difficulties and frustration associated with mangled cords.

Being a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, Newman felt there was a gap in the market for a sleek, stylish product that would also act as an organiser for cords.

“It’s a nice, neat way to store them. You don’t need to worry about cable ties or anything like that. You just roll them up and slot them in,” said Newman.

Probably, the most appealing feature about the product is it’s visual that emulates a beehive like structure.

Newman, who’s never been afraid of challenging the status quo, is someone who has spent years trying to find new ways to deal with everyday problems.

“I’ve always done it as a kid. I’ve always tried to think of new ideas,” he said.

This entrepreneurial drive has led him to invent the impressive “Brake Board” which is a disc-breaking system for skateboards.

The “Brake Board” like the “Cable Hive”, were astonishingly largely financed on Kickstarter, a popular crowd-funding website.

It’s this technological development of crowd-funding websites that has allowed for exponential growth for entrepreneurs who might not have received the exposure before.

So what has been the most challenging barrier that Newman’s faced with his product?

Surprisingly, it’s the excessive costs associated with shipping that is acting as the main deterrent.

It’s also something Newman can’t get around as the majority of the market is based in America.

“It’s the biggest problem. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback and the only negative is the cost,” Newman said.

Calls have been made to reduce shipping costs so Australian businesses can compete with international companies that have low production costs.

The impact that this could have on the industry is unknown but if more projects like “Cable Hive” had access to more funds, the reach would be greater.

And that in turn would mean less people firing an arsenal of swear words at a bunch of muddled up cables!

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