Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden

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By Justin McIlroy

Nestled in the picturesque township of Marysville, a world of ‘Magical Marvel’ awaits for both child and adult alike, at Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Garden. What is it you ask? Well let me try and entice you.

From the moment you walk through the gates you are transported into a majestic landscape of meandering rainforest, tropical bushland’s and manicured gardens, with the sounds of the local birds welcoming you with their song high above the trees, and the gentle rush of the Steavenson river that runs through the grounds.

But what makes it so Magical? Besides the beauty of the flora and fauna, it is the things that you will find as you walk around this amazing, unique landscape. You’ll discover a world of pixies and fairies, druids and wizards, and mythical beings, along with many other weird and wonderful things, all of which have been sculpted in clay or carved in wood by the owner/artist: Bruno Torf.

The gardens, which were totally devastated by the horror of the 2009 bushfires, have been restored by Bruno with the help of the local community. A pain-staking effort with the land cleared and replanted, and with over 100 of the magnificent pieces that were damaged or destroyed being re-sculptured and placed back in their rightful spot within the grounds – with new pieces being added periodically.

The gardens are open daily between the hours of 10am to 5pm

For more information you can check out their website at:

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