Broadcaster Cam Smith on St Kilda, food, and why he is involved with the Dine With Heart dinner

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By Sacred Heart Mission

Interview with Cam Smith, long-time St Kilda resident, broadcaster on 3RRR. Cam hosts EAT IT – the longest running food-themed radio program in Melbourne – 30 years this year and is a Dine with Heart committee member.

What does St Kilda mean to you?

It’s a place of incredible beauty and history with a thriving community. When I moved in it was a place of artists, musicians, misfits and ratbags. There was a dark side to this place, yes, but we called it the village and it was wonderful to be in a place where you could get to know so many of the people living around you.

How did you first find out about Sacred Heart Mission?

I lived in a flat on the corner of Grey and Dalgety. I had just left home and it was quite the education! Even then I was aware that Sacred Heart Mission was intrinsic to the suburb. It’s fair dinkum! People there roll up their sleeves every day to feed and help those in need. It represents real tangible support for others. St Kilda would be a much lesser place without it.

What moment of interaction with the Mission has had the most impact on you?

I had just hosted a Dine with Heart dinner at the Palais and was chatting with one of the board members. He looked at me and said: “You know Cam, we can all be just a couple of pay checks away from being on the street.” I was moved by his empathy for the precarious nature of our existence and how the community rallies to help those in need.

Why should restaurants/cafes/bars get involved in the Dine with Heart month?

This might seem a bit simplistic, but we are all in this thing together. Dine with Heart Month is the chance for the industry to help out and show some support for others. It’s just one month but your efforts last the whole year!

What role does food play in your life?

Food is the prism through which I see so much of the world. It is bound up in so many aspects of who we are and how we live. It’s history, tradition and family. Yet it is so much more. Food says so much about our culture. It is bound with science, anthropology, sociology and increasingly with politics. It’s the alpha and the omega.

What food is the quickest way to YOUR heart?

I’m really not that fussy. Cooking at its best is an act of love and giving. If I’m invited to eat at your table and you have gone to the trouble of cooking something for me, well I am extremely happy and this is what mirrors what the Mission does and achieves every day!

Dine with Heart Month

1 – 31 May

Dine with Heart Month raises funds for Sacred Heart Mission’s Meals Program.

By dining out in May at participating restaurants/cafes/bars, you can help make a real and tangible difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness, disadvantage and social isolation.

More than 30 venues across Melbourne will work together to raise funds to help those in need.

For more information and participating venues:



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