Book review, Dark Skye

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By Darachel Te


Dark Skye

Genre: Paranormal romance
Series: Immortals After Dark

No more checking the mailbox for a book shaped delivery, perusing online for spoilers, or squashing my face up against the window at my local bookstore for a glimpse of any promotional material (I’m not weird… everyone does it), it’s finally here! *cue squeal*

With its witty laugh out loud dialogue and quote worthy lines, the story lends itself as one of the best of the series. Think Romeo and Juliette (without the permanent death) sprinkled with a lot of badassness, a twist of darkness, a touch of magic and a legion of immortal supernatural beings.

In this 15th instalment of the series, we see some major progress in the main story arc – the Accession – an event that occurs every 500 years and acts like a mystical check and balances system to cull and control the number of immortal beings is truly underway, a Big Bad is revealed, the Queen of the Valkyrie’s location is disclosed and everybody’s favourite soothsayer Nucking Futs Nix petitions for a new status befitting her activities and machinations.

Dark Skye’s central characters have appeared in previous books, their tale highly anticipated. Meet Melanthe, a Sorceress by birth, mischievous by nature and the aptly named Queen of Persuasion. Enter Thronos, Knight of Reckoning, enforcer of good and heir to the Skye. Our protagonists’ story started roughly five centuries ago; as children they stumbled upon each other and became the best of friends despite the fear and knowledge that their families belonged to opposing factions and were enemies at war. That friendship, however, comes to a heartbreaking and violent end one night, leaving Thronos broken, never fully healed and constantly on the hunt for Melanthe.

Their reunion centuries later is a heart pounding and action filled affair. Readers are treated to a world of adventure via Thronos’ wings, Melanthe’s love of gold and their fight for survival as they journey through different dimensions and feelings with one another.

Kresley Cole is a master at intricate world building and scorching hot, emotional, whiplashing storylines. For fans of the Immortals After Dark (IAD) series, Dark Skye will not disappoint.


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