Bianco Latte —‘Gelato, As It Should Be!’

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by Paris Newman

For years and years, Acland Street has been acclaimed as the number one summertime hotspot.

At this time of year, Acland Street’s elevated status amongst locals can be largely attributed to the presence of stores vending the ultimate summertime necessity: ice cream!

On those smoking hot summer days, everyone is desperate to indulge in a refreshing, sugary fix from either the famous Seven Apples Gelato or Scoops Gelato and Yogurt Bar.

However, in the trendy hub of Elwood, some friendly competition for a new summertime place-to-be is on the rise.

Ormond Road now showcases its very first gelateria: Bianco Latte.

Does this name ring a bell?

It may sound familiar, as the business started out as a Sicilian gelato cart for hire at functions and events around Melbourne. Their business expanded rapidly once people began to taste their mouth-watering gelato. Now, after about five years of jumping around locations with their gelato cart, Andrea and Camille Di Fiore are owners of their very first gelato storefront!

“It has been overwhelmingly amazing to have an avenue where the public can come and enjoy the fruits of our hard work any day of the week, besides Mondays” says Andrea.

This is the exact gem that Ormond Road has been missing all of these years, repeatedly placing the Elwood Village as second best to the glorified hustle and bustle of Acland Street.

At Bianco Latte, a sense of mystery flourishes when selecting your flavours, as the gelato is stored in Italian-styled, metal tins that conceal the appearance of the product until it is served. 

Their slogan goes, ‘Gelato, as it should be’, which refers to the simplicity of their flavours that allows the outstanding texture and quality of the product to shine through. In the passionate words of Andrea, “like most Italian food, the simpler the recipe the more delicious the meal. We always aim to put the least amount of ingredients possible in our gelato to create a natural, flavoursome, clean and refined end product.”

As aligned with the Italian philosophy, Andrea and Camille view the food they create as a representation of themselves and therefore put their heart and soul into creating, refining and improving their gelato recipes every week!

There is an absolutely delectable array of gelato and sorbet flavours to choose from. If you are in the mood for something rich and decadent, go for the Peanut Butter and Nutella or the White Chocolate and Raspberry. Yet, if you are feeling like something light and tangy, choose from one of the delicious sorbets, such as Passion Fruit and Lemon.

The consistency of the gelato is creamy, velvety and authentically Italian. It is the perfect indulgence to soothe your soul on a sizzling summers day.

Grab a cup or cone from Bianco Latte and walk one street up to the centre of Elwood beach for the complete summertime experience (if you can resist not finishing your frozen treat along the way!)

On behalf of all of the locals, I sincerely thank you Andrea and Camille. Not only for blessing us with your bona fide, irresistible Italian gelato, but for broadening the scope of awesome summertime hangouts within the area!

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