Gami makes the best fried chicken ever!

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By Daniel Wilson

There is nothing grander than Gami’s freshly fried Korean style chicken in its light crisp batter. And there is nothing more glorious than washing it down with their locally brewed tap-beer, handcrafted specifically for Gami.

Aficionados will be familiar with this addition to the foodie circuit. Inside the unassuming restaurant in Acland Street hides the best fried chicken – perfectly balanced flavours, sides that just hit the mark, and crisp fresh beer.

The good news is it is now open later (till 1am – Thu-Sun & 11pm Mon-Wed). Hard to imagine there could possible be a better way to cap the night off than with a plate of fried chicken and a chilled beer.

It is now also open for lunch 7 days a week, and is offering 6 new lunch items priced at $10-$15. It is up to you if you want to try them all in one sitting, or stagger them over the next few days.

Gami chicken’s reputation is born from its unique flavour of frying powder extracted from 7 different herbs and core ingredients. They balance the right level of crunchiness, moistness and richness on the palate. The taste is being further supplemented by the golden ratio 17 herbs mixed seasoning, which delivers savoury flavour of Korean spiciness, sweetness and sourness.

Gami chicken is cooked to order, made with the highest quality ingredients and hand cut, piece by piece, with their savoury secret sauces. Their chicken is pretty amazing.

And it doesn’t end there. They offer plenty of other mouth-watering menu items, including seafood options, dumplings, sausages, salads, and – stop the press – vegetarian deep fried chicken that actually tastes awesome.

But it is the little touches that makes this place special, like prawn crackers on arrival, wet towels to wipe your hands, and a happy hour Thurs-Sunday 3pm-5pm.


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