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By Ravenous Renee

Nestled just a mere few steps down Jackson Street, off Grey Street, just before you hit the Fitzroy Street/Commercial Road intersection (where all the backpacker places are), is a quaint little gem that almost moulds into the housing estate of the area. To be forgiven for being a local and not knowing this place was here (despite hearing about this place around the traps); not to worry, I too just discovered this place for the first time. Better late than never – well, so they say.

Proud of my new find, despite the word already being out on this wonderful establishment for what seems like donkey years now; I was delighted with my brekky experience. Visiting early on a Saturday morning with a friend for a scrumptious, post sunrise feed – I was delighted by our experience. Everything was on par – from the food to the service, to the fresh and airy, modern French provincial laidback vibe of the place – this was my sort of kickback.

Ordering the ‘Potted Avocado’ ($16) with a side of salmon (+$4); you couldn’t get any fresher. This was the perfect springtime morning starter – not too heavy, not too light – and definitely one for the ladies (and savvy café acquainted gents). My dish came out with one monster soft-poached egg (perfectly cooked – runny and soft – just the way I like it), sitting over two thick slices of golden toasted, real sourdough bread; alongside delectable smoked salmon, avo-mousse (whipped fluffy and smooth, served quaintly in a little glass jar), and fresh herbs of dill and flat leaf parsley – and a lemon wedge on the side. Oh, how I was impressed – simple ingredients, but done in a tasteful, eye-catching way. The only thing I would have liked a little more of, would have been the salmon and another egg to up my protein quota (guys take note); but besides that – two thumbs up from me.

Then there was my eating partner’s morning meal of ‘Honey Toasted Granola’ ($12) – followed by ‘Corn Fritters’ with bacon, avocado and chilli jam ($16) – and boy, did they both look (and taste) a treat. Making sure to sample both dishes, as I always do; the granola was honestly, top-notch, and the corn fritters were pretty good too.

So, if you’re a fan of granola, make sure to check this one out – I guarantee you’ll be impressed. It’s the quality of the ingredients, used in the dish as a whole, which stood out for me. The granola was made up of daintily sweet and baked crunchy, loose honeyed oat mix; showcasing large bitey almonds; with rosewater gently poached rhubarb on top; and served with a dollop of Greek yogurt on the side – divine.

If corn fritters are more your thing, then let your own tastebuds be the verdict. From my dining experience, the fritters at Miss Jackson’s were full of flavour – rich in buttery corn goodness – but in consistency, perhaps not as light and fluffy as some might come to expect. Pushing a little on the doughy side, yes – I must admit; I actually enjoyed the denser texture; I felt it gave the meal a bit more substance, and offset the lighter complimenting sides of bacon, sweet cherry tomato and avocado well. The chilli jam – thick, sweet and spicy; was also a complimentary condiment.

Miss Jackson, you have my vote – your food was wonderful, and indeed, your coffee that (with no time to mention) accompanied our breakfast was too – thank you for your gracious and warm hospitality. Until next time, toodle-loo.


Miss Jackson

2/19 Grey Street, St Kilda (Enter from Jackson Street)

Opening Hours: Tue to Sun 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Ph: (03) 9534 8415image of food from Miss Jackson

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