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By Ravenous Renee


Smashed Avocado

Chapel Street has so much character and culinary flavour going around and yet when it comes to finding one of those hip breakfast/brunch spots on trend right now, they are few and far between. Sure, there are lots of great eateries and cafés serving up some excellent tucker and good quality coffee, no doubt about that, but trying to find an establishment that stands out for unique flavour combinations and exceptional produce, presented with artistry in mind, is hard to find.

That is where Mr. Mister has found its niche, with Head Chef Johnpaul Dargan serving up a knockout breakfast/brunch (and lunch) medley to inspire. Owner Tyson Chambers has done well here, kudos due.

Offering a solid menu with all the favourites but with an Asian and European edge to some of their dishes (must try: their Potato Rosti with hock rillettes done Korean kimchi-bowl-style with romescu sauce, poached egg, greens and paprika aioli, $18.00, or maybe their Salt Cod Fishcakes, $19.00) and you’re in for an escapade of new gastronomic surprises.

If these dishes appear too adventurous for your usual foodie rendezvous, don’t fret, Mr. Mister provides all the breakfast basics too but, crafted with insatiable love, flair and class. So, if you want to impress your girlfriends, your mates, or maybe even your mother-in-law, I suggest you come here. You will be sweetly rewarded.

Personally, not wanting to stray too far from centre, I ordered the smashed avocado ($16.00, add poached egg + $1.50 and bacon +$2.00) knowing this is not only a healthy option but a staple dish, which if done well, says a lot for the potential of what else a venue has to offer. I also ordered one of their two offerings of Green Juice (apple, cucumber, ginger, kale and grapefruit juice, $7.00) simply because. Good fats and antioxidants please! Thankyou Mr! You delivered in measureable style.

The presentation of my smashed avocado was to be marvelled at; and eliciting intrigue and envy in my stickybeak neighbouring patrons, had them ordering suit. My colourful mountain of nutritious golden-crusty seeded bread topped with lightly lemon-zested creamy avo-mash, sliced red and yellow marinated cherry tomatoes, baby basil and drippings of gleaming white buffalo mozzarella falling off the side, was a sight to behold. Then add the long translucent tomato crisp wafer that protruded out of this dish with exquisite form, and with that alone, you’re left gazing at this edible creation in awe and wonder. Instagram: #wowfactor #toogoodtoeat #foodieheaven.

Now admittedly, as divine and elaborate as my dish was, I would have liked the bacon rashes a little less thin and crispy and more poignant in flavour to cut through the creamy-smooth avo-mash that topped the thick and dense rustic bread that it came with (and perhaps a side of lemon to sprinkle more tang at my leisure), but overall my meal was still tasty and from a visual standpoint, the wafer lengths of coiled bacon worked a treat. As did the clean flavours of fresh milky buffalo mozzarella that met with delectably runny egg yolk and put me in a state of bliss. Add sweet refreshing bursts of sun-ripened cherry tomatoes and I was off my rocker. Mr. Mister, your style is fresh and contemporary and what you deliver is edgy and smart, I think we’ll have to meet again, as I think you’ve just won my heart. See you soon Mr.


Mr. Mister Cafe

161 Chapel St, Windsor

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Mon-Fri 6:30am-4:00pm

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