Beauty and the beast: perfection from the start till the end

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By Elliot Murphy

This is a tale as old as time. When a small town village girl named Belle goes looking for her father, she also finds a world of enchanted furniture and a beast. After giving up her freedom and feeling like a prisoner. Belle’s opinion soon begins to change when she gets to know her new host.

An exceptional performance and from the talented Emma Watson. Bringing Belle to life is not easy but with her voice she made it happen. But it wasn’t just that her acting that took it to a whole new level, the dance scenes were so perfect that they take you back to your childhood. Emma was indeed the right choice for this role, but what made Emma truly great was her singing voice, perfect pitch and well in tune with the music.

The movie’s other talented actor, Dan Stevens, the Beast did very well too, staying true to the role as the monster who doesn’t take anyone else’s opinion seriously. As the movie progressed Dan was able to change slowly, adapting to each scene and getting softer and kinder which was great. The voice he created for Beast was very nice, including during the songs.

Luke Evans as Gaston was a good choice, especially the parts where he gloats over his looks and plays the ladies’ man. He had a great voice for his singing bits. Of course every villain needs a plucky side-kick and Josh Gad fit the bill with his acting, dancing moves and even singing. Another good casting choice.

Of course the main characters are brought to the height of their performances by others actors in the movie. Apart from the main caste, there are other great talents in the movie such as Kevin Kline as Maurice, Belle’s father, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, the Candelabra, Ian McKellen as Gogsworth the clock,  Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts and her son Chip played by Nathan Mack.

The set design in the movie, such as the tiny old school village, was convincing. The pub where Gaston and the town sang together was a true example of old school beauty. But the best design was ,without a doubt, the Beast’s castle. It was stunningly done with its  hallways and gardens and its labyrinth of places. The costumes were created magnificently, especially Belle’s yellow dance dress. The CGI used for the enchanted creatures inside the castle and out was flawless and brought them to life on the screen. The music, oh the music even with the three new songs put in was so in tune and well-pitched you could swear you were hearing the cartoon movie all over again.

Over all this was a magnificent movie. Worthy of being made with a great cast and musical performers. Loved the choreography. When this comes out definetly have surround sound for full effect. Definitely 5/5 stars


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