Be aware, be considerate & think ahead!

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If you decide to spend this holiday around St Kilda beach – especially when planning a boat ride out to the bay or joining a boat party – your safety and safety of others is the crucial first step to make your holiday filled with laughter and memories.

When you are out of town this summer:

  • If you still get your news delivered to your house and the St Kilda News is not your only source of cutting edge journalism, don’t forget to suspend your subscription, as piles of newspapers is a sure sign no one is home. And if you’re gone for an extended period of time you might also want to have the post office hold your mail.
  • If you’re lucky enough to know your neighbours, you could ask them to hold your mail and ask them nicely to take out your rubbish bins and feed your pets. If you really feel like spending the cash consider hiring a house sitter. These don’t come cheap but great for peace of mind!
  • Ensure the back gates and garage is locked. Obviously make sure all doors and windows are locked as well!
  • Consider getting a dummy alarm for the house – they come with stickers for windows to ensure high visibility to ‘visitors’.
  • Consider installing sensor lights and remove ladders and gardening tools as they may assist a burglar breaking into your home. Remember to keep an inventory of the most valuable items for insurance purposes (just in case!).
  • Another option is to look at is automatic lights that come on in the evening. There is a similar product that turns on the TV so your house has noise and light at night. However, this option is expensive, as you still need to pay for the power.
  • Whatever you do or go this summer, remember to make sure your house doesn’t look like it is not lived in, as this may invite squatters. And most importantly, do not broadcast your holiday plan especially on social media!

 To have a safe and good night out, always make sure you watch your drinks:

  •  Try to order drinks that are from bottles with screw top lids rather than from a glass.
  •  If you want to accept a drink from a stranger make sure the drinks are served in front of you at the bar.
  • Always keep an eye on your drink when leaving the table and make sure you either hold your drink, or ask a friend you can trust to watch it.
  • If you suspect you have been spiked, immediately talk to the manager.
  • Make sure friends to and from the venue accompany you especially at night.
  • Spiking is illegal and even if the food or drink is not consumed or spiking does not harm the person.

Things to keep in mind when your out in the bay are:

  • If you’re out in the bay on a boat, you can use the towers of Melbourne to find your way home. The bulk of the skyscrapers will be northwest of St Kilda. However, if it is too dark to see the city skyline the ocean has its own compass. At night fixed bright coloured lights float and flash in the water. These denote shipping lanes and lead to ports or the exit of Port Philip Bay. If followed correctly it should take you home. The colours represent the four points of the compass – north (blue), south (red), east (yellow), and west (orange). Just like operating a motorcar, there is a maximum blood alcohol content for operating a motorboat. Similar fines and penalties apply for drunk boating and if you are under 21 the maximum blood alcohol level is 0.00, so as unusual as it sounds, bring ID with you when your out boating.
  •  Always be accompanied by a friends or family, it is very dangerous at night near water especially under the influence of alcohol and as always drinking in public is illegal and comes with a heavy fine with the possibility of being arrested if your too intoxicated.


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