Baristas of the Month – Cameron Mackie and Jenna Pippin at Iconic Acland Street’s Leroy Espresso

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By: Ravenous Renee

Cameron Mackie and Jenna Pippin, the names of two talented baristas that I suggest you remember! That is, if you’re wishing to obtain a ‘darn good’ coffee, as that’s exactly what you’ll get. Valued contributors to Leroy’s Cafe in Acland Street, St Kilda, both dedicated to the craft of coffee making, these two young twenty-something’s are on the ball. It is understandable too, as Cameron and Jenna have acquired hands-on coffee making experience since their young teens.

Cameron credits his current coffee making skills to his great mentors and experience, growing up in the hospitality industry. Being engaged to a barista, one may argue, also helps. Jenna, on the other hand, further acknowledges the benefits of invaluable insight and know-how, gained from formal training at the reputable Harris and Hoole coffee company, whilst in London.

Cameron – singer, songwriter and guitarist, originally from Christchurch, New Zealand – having moved to Melbourne in 2007, and Jenna – avid visual artist and writer, from Coastal New South Wales – only six months in (by which she landed her barista position at Leroy’s on her third day that she set foot), have equally resumed inspiring lifestyle changes in the ‘big smoke’.

To both be admired for their guts and ambition to ‘set up camp’ in a whole new city, and challenge themselves to a new job, new environment and meeting new people, these skilled barista’s have what it takes to be the best of the best – not just for recognition of their skills in the coffee world, but in whatever they choose to do.

When asked separately what they love about working as a barista in the heart of St Kilda, interestingly they both resonate on the same thing: the ‘sense of community’. They both enjoy being rewarded by the diversity of characters that they get to meet and serve (from all backgrounds, nationalities, job professions and walks of life) on a daily basis.

A champion team, undoubtedly, Cameron and Jenna can be seen at Leroy’s cafe most days of the week, churning out coffees like there’s no tomorrow and rockin’ the establishment with the rest of the brilliant Leroy’s crew.


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