Barista of the Month – October

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Eric Chung at Goat House Café Roastery


By Ravenous Renee

Originally growing up in Malaysia, but moving to Melbourne to study at the tender age of eighteen, Eric Chung has come a long way. Personally and professionally, Eric has made dividends in his life’s pursuits; and honing his barista skills to an impressive standard, is just one of his many achievements to date (alongside disguising as a talented magician, mentored to success by renown magician Thomas Chan).

Eric Knows his stuff when it comes to making an exceptional cup of the caffeinated brew and his incestuous love affair and understanding of the humble bean comes from more than just text-book knowhow. This young chap knows his coffee down to the grind. Dedicated time behind the coffee machine, and in recent years, behind the roaster, all take part.

Eric is the Goat House Café’s principal barista and coffee roaster – roasting all of their twelve single origin beans, and their three unique spectrum blends, on site. Quite the coffee aficionado, Eric originally accredits his passion for the world-famous beverage, from his home country’s mere addiction for the ‘caffeine hit’, then progressively, to Melbourne for diversifying his palate through its exquisite range of coffee profiles and many unique styles on offer.

Having completed a bachelor degree in Hospitality and Tourism at the reputable William Angliss Institute, and having much valued hands-on hospitality experience in prestigious hotel fine dining and café establishments from there on, Eric’s hand at the coffee machine is undeniably impressive. Self-taught, with an exceptional eye for detail, and true appreciation and devotion for his craft (from roast to pour); Eric has a profound and in-depth knowledge of the whole coffee making process.

Eric understands what it really takes to make a brilliant cup of the fine brew and the Goat House Café’s loyal customer following is more than testament to that. Ask this head barista and talented coffee roaster any coffee related question you drum up, and guaranteed, he’ll be able to give you an answer (even if it means he has to pull it out of nowhere!). No pretence here – Eric Chung, has more than just the magic, right hand.

Goat House Café Roastery

3-6 Elsternwick Place, Elsternwick
Open 6am-5pm Everyday
Kitchen’s open 7am-4pm Everyday
Ph: 9523 8299

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