Barista of the Month – November

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David Ohaion at Glass Merchants


By Ravenous Renee

With over ten years of coffee making experience and a wealth of relevant knowledge behind him, David Ohaion – head barista at Glass Merchants – certainly knows a thing or two about making an exceptional cup of coffee. Humbly admitting he wouldn’t have considered himself a barista until he had reached the age of nineteen – when he had truly learnt to understand, appreciate and deliver on his craft — David recognises coffee making is very much a sophisticated art form.

Learning to make coffee from the tender age of fifteen, when being thrown into the deep end at his very first part-time café job, it wasn’t long before David had mastered the essential coffee-making skills he needed to see him succeed into the talented barista that he is today. Also demonstrating evident people and customer service skills; here is a barista that is genuinely pleased to be able to cater to what his customers ask for, even if it means going against traditional barista teachings. At the end of the day, as David recognises: customers should be able to get what they pay for – notably agreed.

Furthermore, like David’s composite heritage of Moroccan-Romanian on his dad’s side and Greek-Egyptian on his Mother’s side, this wise young chap equally appreciates that coffee can have its many complexities and origins, which make it unique. And this is what David loves about being a barista; the opportunity he has to learn and grow with the ever evolving coffee making business. Like his singer-songwriter ambitions, which David explores outside of hours, David recognises that both pursuits deserve love, care and development in order to grow and prosper, and if David’s coffee is anything to go by; I couldn’t agree more.

David’s passion for serving up great coffee alongside great service is undeniable and his breath of knowledge in the coffee making process is commendable. David can tell you from where the beans are grown and sourced, to how they reached his very hands, and how certain specifics are manipulated to produce the ultimate shot of espresso – impressive. Ultimately, what makes this barista a winner is his winning attitude. David knows that great coffee, like most things in life, come down to “love, consistency and care… and never getting complacent,” well said.

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