Barista of the Month – Dylan Alexander

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By Ravenous Renee

Meet Dylan Alexander. With the world and Windsor at his fingertips, this young switched-on chap, has an eye for business and making exceptional coffee. And the locals and passers-by are noticing. More than just a talented barista, this kid maintains an entrepreneurial flair – with ‘Soldier On Espresso’ being his own successful café venture, which he launched into in July 2014, last year.

You see, Dylan got a taste for the caffeinated brew at an early age and even though his palate as a teenager may not have been as refined as it is today (moving from iced coffees and vanilla lattes to double espresso’s), it was enough to develop his obsession for the much-loved brew, and lead him on his way, to eventually opening shop.

But don’t be fooled, Dylan worked hard to get where he is today; progressively working in, barista-ring and managing some reputable Melbourne cafes, and doing a stint over in Europe to check out the café scene, before he decided to make the big leap out on his own. And it was this leap of faith alongside all the experience he gained along the way, plus his insatiable drive to succeed in business – and let’s not forget his family and father’s support – that has seen him go leaps and bounds.

Then of course, add Dylan’s natural flair and strong focus on building rapport and relationships with his customers (acknowledging that the best part of his job is ‘getting to talk to three hundred friends every day’, and for the ladies, yes – I believe he’s single); and you can begin to fully appreciate that Dylan’s success in business, and as a respected barista, is due not only to his innate tenacity and grit, but to his amicable and buoyant personality.

As Dylan points out, at the end of the day, ‘besides putting out a quality product and being able to adapt to the different coffee making requests and conditions, it’s the relationships people come back for.’ And Dylan would know, considering he’s already developed a solid local following. And, with Dylan’s desired superpower ‘to fly’, I suggest this is one barista that is capable of only bigger and better things to come. Watch out, here is a boy with a glint in his eye that is on a mission.

Soldier On Espresso

188 High Street, Windsor

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri, 7am till 4pm

Sat-Sun, 8am till 4pm

Ph: (03) 9029 8424

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