Barista of the Month: Darcy Jones – Abbey Road Café

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By: Ravenous Renee

A newcomer to Melbourne and its diverse coffee culture scene, Darcy Jones – one of the fresh-faced, energetic and very talented barista’s of Abbey Road – has settled in fabulously well. Having moved down from his hometown in Darwin in January 2014, with a solid breadth of coffee making knowledge and experience behind him (alongside a sunny amicable personality), Darcy was welcomed into the Abbey Road family with open arms.

Learning how to make coffee at his father’s mate’s establishment up North, Darcy got his first foot in to the hospitality industry at an early age. Starting from scratch, Darcy took in all that he could, while working under the supervision of those training him. Developing a taste for coffee that he never had before, Darcy learnt the importance of truly being able to sample, experience and manipulate the caffeinated brew he was ‘dishing up’. It was ingrained in him from the good teachings of his trainers, that you must be able to recognise a coffee made good, from a coffee made bad. With this in mind (through hands-on experience and persistence being key), Darcy further focused on perfecting the final touch; ‘the art of presentation’. Showcasing Darcy’s dedication to the cause (of making a great cup), Darcy would go the ‘extra mile’ and educate himself through watching YouTube clips on how to create the ‘best pour’ – a credit to Darcy’s self-taught discipline and admirable work ethic.

As the man himself recognises; making a good coffee comes down to a multitude of factors, but simply said: “if you put effort in, it should taste all right”. More intrinsically, Darcy points out that the temperature of the milk and how it is steamed, to how an espresso shot is extracted and the time it is extracted for, are all contributing factors to making this fine beverage. Also adding, that a well-kept and regularly cleaned machine is essential to serving up a fresh cup of flavoursome coffee – absent of any signs of bitterness or unwanted residue. Clearly, this is one barista that knows his stuff and is already spreading his wings over our caffeine addicted metropolitan.

Lastly, when asked to compare Darwin’s coffee culture to that of Melbourne, Darcy replied: “Melbourne’s known for its coffee, Darwin’s known for its crocodiles,” enough said!

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