Barista of the Month – Roddy Fulton at Wall Two 80 Café

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Accustomed to making an exceptional cup of coffee, Roddy Fulton at Wall Two 80 is a hallmark figure contributing to the “Wall Café’s” popularity and


success. Having worked at the renowned locals den for over two years now, and under the quality direction and strategic vision of Nick Devereux, the owner, Roddy certainly knows his way around a coffee machine, no question there.

Still continually trying to pick up new skills and tricks of the trade, despite as a head barista having a wealth of coffee making and hospitality experiencing behind him, Roddy recognises that one of the key attributes that distinguishes a great barista from just a coffee hand is someone that never lets themselves get complacent. After all, it’s all about having the passion for the humble bean and working with it, especially as the industry rapidly grows and changes. Wise words Roddy, well said.

Roddy further emphasises that what makes a barista truly stand out from the crowd, is someone that knows how to churn out coffees efficiently in rush hour and still maintain coffee consistency alongside their own composure – not an easy feat! Rod also believes attention to detail is key.

Taking into account all these factors, Roddy recollected that it took him over a year to perfect his craft, day in and day out, to get to the stage of confidently identifying himself as a skilled barista. Roddy realises that time, practice and patience, plus developing a solid understanding of the bean, blend and pour, and how the milk is prepped, are all vital components to ensuring a great cup of the pep-me-up brew. Roddy also goes to mention the importance of the beans being fresh and not being stored longer than a week, in order for the true flavour profile of the beans to be extracted.

So if it’s not evident already, Roddy Fulton ‘knows his stuff’ and he is so enthusiastic about coffee that he hopes to open his own café one day. And with the love and dedication that Roddy puts into his job, alongside his extra-curricular pursuits of running, movies and attending to his beloved canine friend, I have no doubt of what the future holds for Roddy; successfully achieving his dream. But for now, you can catch the talented Roddy at Wall Two 80 for a cup of your favourite caffeinated brew!


Wall Two 80

280 Carlisle Street, Balaclava

Open 7 Days a Week, 6:30am-6:00pm

Ph: (03) 9593 8280


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