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Jean-Paul Guimaraes at Tiffany’s on Tennyson


Born and bred in Melbourne (East Melbourne to be precise); Jean Paul Guimaraes is one talented barista. Starting his hospitality journey from the boisterous age of sixteen, getting his first job as a kitchen hand and taking his first sip of espresso and foray into the coffee world at age eighteen, Jean-Paul has come a long way to building a reputable name for himself within the Elwood community and beyond, at Tiffany’s on Tennyson.

Mastering his coffee making craft through a breadth of experience working in various café and restaurant establishments throughout the years, and with many a coffee course behind him, Jean-Paul knows how to warm up his customers’ day with more than just a friendly smile. This young man understands firsthand the art, love and precision that goes into making the perfect cup of refined brew, and does all that he can to ensure that his customers always leave satisfied and content.

Jean-Paul knows genuine hospitality also adds to the happy-customer equation and maintains high standards to delivering exceptional service with every Dukes house blend that goes through his hands. After all, as Jean-Paul acknowledges, what differentiates a barista from the average Joe that makes coffee, is someone that “strives for excellence” in all facets of the coffee making process and delivery. Jean-Paul also recognises that within the ever-growing and expanding coffee industry, a “thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn” are important traits to keeping ahead of the game.

Jean-Paul knows that unlike days gone by, there is more to good coffee than just “extraction, perfecting the grind and milk texturing”. Jean-Paul equates an exceptional cup of coffee with an almost scientific approach, taking “weigh doses, timing of extraction and habitually testing the grind almost hourly” into account. And for what it’s worth, Jean-Paul is from part Portuguese background, with an Italian stepfather, whereby coffee is an integral part of both cultures; perhaps one of the contributing factors behind why Jean-Paul has an innate passion and care-factor for extracting the best out of the humble bean. Jean-Paul is a man of integrity and passion for his craft, and it shows.

By Ravenous Renee


Tiffany’s on Tennyson

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