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The Elwood community recently received a financial boost via the Bendigo Bank’s local community grant program. Over $30 000 was donated to 8 organisations which are all recognised as making a profound difference to the lives of people living and working in the area.

Alastair Chisholm, Chairman of Bendigo Bank, Elwood states “As a Community Bank, we are committed to making our community ever strong and vibrant, and ensure that local events and projects are continually supported.  We are proud that the Elwood Community Bank has now returned over $1m to the local community and Community Grant Programs  continues to be a priority for us” Alastair further adds.“We are very fortunate to have the ability to make things happen for these groups.”

What does it mean to the recipients to receive the grant?

David Rylance, President of Elwood Life Saving Club said, “Nothing is more important

than the safety of our volunteers.  This grant is a huge boost to their vital work in

watching over more than 90,000 beachgoers at Elwood every year.

Lifejackets are a crucial and mandatory item of safety equipment while new helmets will provide

much needed protection for our inflatable rescue boat competitors who hone their

skills in often unpredictable conditions.

We can’t thank Elwood Community Bendigo Bank enough for its support.  Elwood beach will be a safer place as a result.”

Nicola Mann, President of the Lady Forster Kindergarten says, ‘Elwood Community Bendigo Bank are amazing, providing the grant has meant that the children and teachers are now in a comfortable environment, without being subjected to our seasonal extremes, the reduced noise levels mean that children can concentrate on their work without the distraction of other surrounding noises.  Our heating and cooling equipment will be used more efficiently therefore reducing our electricity bills and diminishing our carbon footprint”

Robert Csoti, Principal of Elwood Primary School, said, “The grant allows the school to continue with its commitment to sustainability and is greatly appreciated as a community project.”Our past association with Elwood Community Bendigo Bank has been a great help. The building of the community enclosed waterproof Bike Shed and Bendigo Bank Hill, an artificial turf mound in our park, promoted a healthy lifestyle with the riding of bikes, and a meeting point for our community.”


Elwood Community Grants Program

Recipients Project Ardoch Youth Foundation            Elwood College Breakfast Club

Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts                           Linden’s Art & Learning Program

Elwood Life Saving Club Project                                     Protecting Our Volunteers

Port Phillip Citizens for Reconciliation                        Schools Programme

Elwood St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre     Community House Make Over

Elwood Primary School                                                      School Solar Power Project

Lady Foster Kindergarten By The Bay                            Kindergarten Internal Insulation
& Acoustic Application Project

Elwood Sailing Club Yachting Australia Tracker        1 & 2 Course

Elwood Traders Association                                              Elwood Village Festival


The next round of grants will be open for application later in the year. Check out the Bendigo Bank Elwood’s Facebook page or The Bendigo Bank Foundation’s web page.

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