Australian premiere play: Grounded

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St Kilda’s Red Stitch Theatre is showing the Australian Premiere of George Brant’s acclaimed play Grounded from June 11 to July 12.

An unexpected pregnancy ends an ace fighter pilot’s career in the sky. Reassigned to operate military drones from a windowless trailer outside Las Vegas, she hunts terrorists by day and returns to her family each night. As the pressure to track a high-profile target mounts, the boundaries begin to blur between the desert in which she lives and the one she patrols half a world away.

From the heights of lyricism to the shallows of workday existence, Grounded is a visceral, gripping story that flies through one woman’s internal war and her external battle.

The play is a one woman show featuring Kate Cole and  directed by Kirsten von Bibra.


Red Stitch Actors Theatre
Rear 2 Chapel Street
St Kilda East, Vic 3183, Australia

Box Office (Hours: Wed-Sat, 11am-2pm)
Ph: +613 9533 8083

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