Astor update

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By Matt Barnett


The Astor Theatre is scheduled to be resurrected and reopened on June 7th under the new management of Palace cinemas.

Under Palace’s custodianship, the Astor will continue operating as a single-screen, 1,150 seat auditoria, with its well-regarded programming of both new release and classic films intact and showing on 35 and 70 millimetre prints as well as 2k and 4k digital projection.

Mr George Florence, proprietor since 1982, and creator of the unique programming and operational style is delighted that his legacy will continue. He said “I am very grateful that we have found a solution to keeping the Astor Theatre operating indefinitely, after a long period of great uncertainty, and that Palace Cinemas are pledging to maintain the Astor Experience that so many loyal patrons hold so dearly. We are sure there will be a great sigh of relief to this positive news and we look forward to a greater Astor Theatre”.

The Palace cinema boss, Mr Benjamin Zeccola, has said that “to the untrained eye it will be as if nothing will have changed”. He has also said “we’ll have a three-month calendar and similar programming as the Astor has had before. We’ll still be showing the films George owns. We want people to feel it’s just the same.”

The reopening will include a gala event that will take place on June 25th.

The famed Astor calendar will also return and is expected to be available to the public from late May.

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