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In this new column, we’re asking our resident alternative health practitioner (Brigitte Lalor) a monthly question about her specialist field, Chinese Medicine.

What is Good Health?

A good state of health in Chinese Medicine encompasses the wellness of body, mind and spirit.


In good physical health, energy and blood circulate through the body freely and smoothly.  A good supply of blood is nourishing and healing to the organs and muscles. When the blood and energy circulate smoothly, the body has an ability to regulate its environment and maintain internal balance.  This allows stability in the bodies normal working/resting state.


Good Mental Health is the ability to receive information and discard it, or receive information, digest it, process it and then chose to use or discard it. 

It is also how we view situations and circumstances in life.


Good spiritual health is when you can see the positives and negatives in life’s situations and you can benefit and move forward from these experiences becoming a better version of your self. 

Disease (dis-ease) in the spirit is when someone is unable to move past a situation and its effects linger and remain unresolved and present.

There is a famous saying in Chinese Medicine: “If there is flow, there is no pain. If there is pain, there is no flow.” Pain occurs when there’s an obstruction in this free flow on any of these levels.

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