Artist Lane

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By: Vidi Chandra

The directions to anywhere super cool in Melbourne generally start with “it’s down a lane way that runs behind the shops, filled with bins…” and it this case it is and you would be looking for Artist’s Lane, Windsor.

Running between Union Street and Green Street, off Chapel St, this once scrappy lane way is newly bursting with street art from the likes of Kaffiene, Meggs and Heesco as well the instigator of the initiative, Artist and Film Maker Wayne Tindall.

Tindall and his wife, Anne, had been renting a studio in the lane for some years. ”And I decided I didn’t want to walk out every day and have to look at this shit. Anne suggested I should do a painting; do it up.”  Local Stonnington Council, the local Bendigo Bank and the building owners all got behind it with the first piece to appear his giant portrait of the couple.

The lane way now boasts some beautiful, interesting and thought provoking pieces and while Tindall describes the process of inviting street artists to contribute ”They all did the most awesome work, but it was a little bit like herding cats,” it is clearly a successful example of how councils and artists can work together.

Stonnington Council, who usually spend a great deal of time and money cleaning up graffiti, are pleased with the way the project has gone and recognise that Prahran and Windsor host a fantastic and growing array of significant street art works which add to the vitality and character of this inner urban neighbourhood.

Council named the lane way Artist’s Lane in recognition of the works within that precinct, which have received wide coverage locally and internationally and have become a destination within a destination.

Council has agreed to commission an annual audit of significant street artworks in the western end of the municipality and to publish the audit online. The audit is proposed to be an archive of works and Council does not currently propose to conserve any of the pieces.

Get down and see it while it lasts.

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