Aragonite Crystal for 2019

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Aragonite is known as the conservationist’s crystal, a powerful earth healer. Working with this crystal aids you in becoming fully conscious about your environment and the impact you have on mother earth. It inspires you to recycle and purchase with care, to decrease greed and unnecessary purchases, to give to charity shops rather than throwing things in landfill.

It’s so important that we act now. We live in a time of excess, joke gifts, things bought thoughtlessly at the till, that for the most part end in landfill. Everything we purchase and own has an impact on the earth. It is urgent that each of us do what we can. Everything in the western world – from our clothes, food, household products, devices, our silver, gold, diamonds, crystals and so on – has an impact on mother earth. Even if you have been very conscious, doing your best as a recycler, vegetarian, non-wearer of leather (which is more than most are doing), if you own a mobile phone and a laptop then there is still an environmental impact.

Buying local, supporting local, from the greengrocer to the jewellery-maker helps. If each of us becomes more conscious about the impact our mindless purchases have, then we will begin the journey of conscious living. The earth is in crisis. That means humanity is in crisis too. We don’t need more stuff, we need more connection, to talk to each to other, to be present with each other, to share experiences, that is where the joy lies.

This crystal gets to the root of unresolved issues. It is a no-nonsense support for those who are experiencing massive change and emotional upheaval. Helping you to overcome stress and anxiety. It emanates light in all directions bringing light and healing to you, your environment and the earth. These crystals aid the clearing of blocked ley lines and geopathic stress.

Working with your lower chakras it activates your inner star, so you can shine, be comfortable and love who you are. Most importantly it reminds you of the wonders of Conscious Living and Conscious Co-Creation.

Aragonite Star Cluster renews your zest for life and re-energises your body, so you can live a passionate purpose-filled life.

Jacinta Murray Founder of Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy and

Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.

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