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By George P

This app changed my life. There are hundreds of health and fitness apps out there and like most people, I’ve always wanted to get fit and be healthy, so I thought I’d check out what’s available. Some of the bigger ones like Google Fit, Home Gym, etc look great and are very comprehensive but I found the simplicity of 10 Daily Exercises to be the one for me.

For a long time I have been dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues and have been taking medication. The first step is often he hardest in most things I do, so when I started I promised myself to do this every day. It’s simple to use, doesn’t take up much space and you don’t need any equipment so you can do it anywhere. It has three settings: easy, medium and hard. I started on easy of course and could do the exercises with a little rest in between. After about a month, as I progressed, I found that I could increase my rate by about 10 per cent and my rate has increased by about 10 per cent every month or so since.

The exercises are simple and low impact and the app shows you how to do them. Now, almost a year later (how time flies), I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since I was a teen – physically but more so mentally. I’d highly recommend this app to anyone, but like anything you should talk to the experts such as the doctor and personal trainer, as some of the exercises might not be for you.

– Free and Simple
– Most common exercises
– Workout Log
– Set Reminder
– Difficulty levels
– Animation showing how to do each exercise

The daily workout routine contains push-ups, jumping jacks, high knees, bench dips, lunges, squats, basic crunches, leg-up crunches, bicycle crunches and plank with leg lift. If you don’t train, this is the perfect app for you. You will get abdominal, lower and upper body muscles with this fitness app. Do it everyday to get fast results.

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