Ando’s Mega Quiz

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One Pointers

1. Although not a St Kilda (AFL) player, who won the 2012 Coleman Medal?

2. Who made his film debut in 1984’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’?

3. What was the common beverage that originally held the name ‘LEED’?

4. In what position on the ladder did St Kilda finish the 2012 AFL season?

5. In which nearby suburb does Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum reside?

6. Who is the last remaining member of 80’s/90’s sitcom the Golden Girls?

7. Which pop group sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ first released in 1976?

8. Who was crushed by Bob Hawke in the 1983 Federal Election?

9. In which year did Julia Gillard take over as P.M for Australia?

10. In what year did Australia embrace decimal currency?


Two Pointers

1. In which year did the Berlin wall come down?

2. Name the closest border town from St. Kilda to NSW?

3. Rising 293 meters above Melbourne’s CBD, what is Victoria’s tallest structure?

4. Who played Norman Bates in the 1960 classic thriller ‘Psycho’?

5. What was the former name of Melbourne Central Station?

6. In which year did the kiosk at the end of St Kilda pier burn down?

7. Who directed the movie ‘Black draft’?

8. Which band sang the song ‘Echo Beach’?

9. Who starred in the 1973 horror movie the ‘Exorcist’ as the possessed child?

10. In which year did the Simpson’s debut in the US?


Three Pointers

1. Which cartoon character introduced 7Up to Australia in the late 1980’s

2. Name the three main stars of the 1960’s sitcom ‘I Dream of Jeannie’?

3. Recently involved in industrial turmoil, who was the founder on ‘Grocon’?

4. How many VFL/AFL grand finals have initially resulted in Draw’s?

5. Who sang the background ballad to the ‘Neighbour’s’ wedding of Charlene & Scott?

6. Still in use today which large aircraft has been commissioned for service in modern warfare until 2044?

7. Besides politics and a pig farm, what was former P.M Paul Keating’s main fetish?

8. In which year was the first mobile SMS sent?

9. What are the roman numerals for 1999?

10. Who invented the television set by demonstrating moving pictures in 1925?


Who Am I?

6 Points: I was born February 27th 1936.

5 Points: My father was killed at Tabruk during WWII.

4 Points: For many years I owned the ‘Mountain View’ Hotel in Richmond.

3 Points: On my 70th birthday I embarked on a trek following the Kokoda Trail.

2 Points: Playing initially for the Melbourne Football Club I moved to the Carlton Football Club.

1 Point: I am Ronald Dale…..


One Pointers                                              Two Pointers

1. Jack Riewoldt 1. 1989
2. Jonny Depp 2. Echuca/Moama
3. Lemonade 3. Eureka Tower
4. 9th 4. Anthony Perkins
5. Richmond 5. Museum
6. Betty White 6. 2003
7. Queen 7. Ron Howard
8. Malcolm Fraser 8. Martha & the Muffins
9. 2010 9. Linda Blair
10. 1966 10. 1989

Three Pointers                                            Who Am I

1. Fido Dido Ronald Dale Barassi
2. Larry Hagman, Billy Daily, Barbara Eden
3. Bruno Grollo
4. Three (1948, 1977, 2010)
5.Angry Anderson
6. B52 Bomber
7. Clocks
8. 1993
9. mcmxcix
10. Logie Baird

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