Ami Hasson: If Music Be the Food of Health

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By Henry Shires

There is a tendency within Australia’s Wellness industry – much as there was in the worlds of entertainment and music  prior to the 1970s – to see the “stars” (the Deepak Chopras and Eckhart Tolles), as coming exclusively from overseas.

However Australia in general, and Caulfield in particular, can claim one genuine rising star in the glittering firmament that is loosely referred to as “The New Age”.  And, if not homemade – Ami is the ultimate energetic, loving, sexily curly haired Israeli in origin – then certainly, at least for the foreseeable future, home based.

He already has a faithful following – enough so that is advised to book in advance for one of his “Sound Healing” sessions. A following, to my aged eyes, predominantly made up of beautiful young things who look like they could not have a care in the world, but then how wrong we can be when judging other people from the outside.

Now comes the harder bit. Getting across to the uninitiated and perhaps even understandably sceptical (“bunch of privileged hippies banging what looks high quality kitchen ware” you might well so on first entering his “sacred space”/yoga studio) what exactly it is that this growing guru does?

In Ami’s (whose name in Hebrew means “trustworthy and reliable” and in French, simply, “friend”) own inviting words, his work involves:

“Sound Healing Meditations. These include an hour of aural and olfactory medicine from a combination of crystals, essential oils, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, energy chimes and gongs. Percussive and air instruments, voice guidance, toning and harmonics. All producing a blissful experience which can heal, harmonise, transform, clear and assist you in your life”.

He goes on to explain: “sound waves can shift and release stagnant energy and tension accumulated in the body, reducing brain activity to theta/Delta waves which are similar to dream state of mind

The frequencies absorbed in the process can even promote the flow of chi/life energy.

They are a great modality to use with physical, mental and emotional pain/blockages and antidote to the effects of exposure to modern day damaging sound pollution which is a major potential cause of stress related symptoms and dis-ease in today’s “life-on-steroids” society”.

And my own personal, highly subjective experience after six, certainly superbly soothing, sessions:

For me sound energy is real, and powerful. Just as real and powerful as other more traditionally accepted wavelengths such as heat and light. But with a mystical, mythical element that only the power of music can bring to this otherwise often overly “concrete” world.

“If music be the food of health, play on, as Shakespeare would (I am sure) have said,  if he had lived in the health food age.

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