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Overlooking the stunning parkland’s, at the top end of St Kilda road, there is a myriad of great eating and coffee establishments dotting this very popular cosmopolitan eating strip.

Miss Spelt Cafe

Miss Spelt Cafe, at 157 Fitzroy street, is one of those establishments, but a refreshingly different one. Spelt that way because of the healthy, nutritious, organic style of flour called ‘Spelt,’ exclusively used in all their delicious and exceptionally flavored pizzas. Spelt is an ancient wheat grain from Iran grown in 5000BC, and is high in essential vitamins preventing blood clotting and contributing to low cholesterol. It is Commonly used in Sourdough bread types and is particularly recommended for diabetes and migraine conditions.

Even though it’s nutty flavour characteristic has been popular through the decades (in Europe particularly) it has recently made a comeback in Melbourne, none better than at it’s namesake; Miss Spelt Cafe. The genetic make-up and nutritional profile of this special, Spelt, wheat variety are rare. It is a very healthy flour, lovingly made according to an ancient Roman recipe. The flour has an extraordinary flavour which produces a unique Pizza base, and Miss Spelt is one of the few outlets in Melbourne featuring spelt Pizzas!

Miss Spelt, formerly a popular Italian restaurant called cafe ‘A ‘Taglio, has been refurbished and re-invented by well known pizza operator Loui Maio, formerly of Pizza Cucina in Berwick and Pizza Lost in South Yarra. Loui, an Australian born Italian, has been participating in the hospitality industry here since the late eighties. His restaurants have won the ‘Best of the Best Pizza Challenge’ at Melbourne’s Good Food and Wine Show in 2007 and 2011 and the ‘Best Gourmet Pizza’ in 2008 and 2009, Loui certainly knows what it is to produce a stunning pizza!

His Chef, Alessio Atzori (originally from Sardinia), has had an extensive career throughout Europe and spent a number of years under the famous, internationally recognised, Chef Antonio Sansone in London. Alessio  has introduced some yummy, mouth watering toppings to Miss Spelt’s pizzas, presenting many different but scrumptious choices, for example: From the traditional selection, which he calls ‘Old School’ Pizzas, he features the favourites: Margherita, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Capricciosa, Americana and Aussie, coming in at a very fair $10 for regular & $14 for large.

Miss Spelt pizza

He then offers, under the banner ‘Meaty Pizzas,’ interesting versions such as: Moroccan Lamb, on a babanganush base, with lamb, mozzarella, pumpkin, potato, roasted capsicum, goats curd and flaked almonds – absolutely exceptional! Also offered under the ‘Meaty Pizzas’ banner are: San Daniele, Carnivaro, Mexican, Italian Salsicca, Smoked BBQ Chicken, and Pancetta. All at the reasonable price of $14 and $18.

The ‘Seafood Pizzas’ selection is championed by the Wasabi Prawn masterpiece – on a sweet potato base, with mozzarella, king prawn tails and fresh shrimp, topped with gorgeous wasabi mayonnaise, nori pickled ginger, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Others include: the ‘St Kilda,’ a seafood extravaganza with prawns, scallops, and calamari, and lastly the ‘Salmon’. Still good value at $17 and $22.

Finally we have the nutritious and healthy ‘Vegetarian Pizza’ group, namely; Euro, Low Fat Veg, Zucca,Wild Mushroom, and Leek & Gorgonzola, all at $14 for regular and $18 for large.

Loui Maio’s love of Spelt’s nutritional and therapeutic qualities sees him introducing an Italian Spelt Beer and freshly made Spelt Pasta in the coming months, further endorsing the Miss Spelt Cafe brand!

Chef Alessio balances the Comprehensive Pizza menu with some irresistible daily specials including one of his signature dishes titled: ‘Sardinia Salmon,’ a stunning rendition of fresh Salmon grilled in Sardinian style on a delicious bed of herb infused Couscous. The Pasta list is headed by a magical dish: ‘Gnocchi Lamb Ragout,’ lovingly hand made Gnocchi freshly prepared daily with slowly cooked tender lamb in Chianti wine.


Miss Spelt Cafe

157 Fitzroy St, St Kilda

Open Monday to Sunday, Midday to 11pm

Phone (03) 95341394 for reservations

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