Alex the Great: Miss Alex & Co Brighton Road Elwood

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By Hungry Henry

Across the Red Sea-like divide of the four lane (on the day we visited slashing with rain) Brighton Road from the Jewish accented Café-opolis that Ripponlea has now become, there is a new gastronomic gem – of Greek extraction.

And those of you out there who find their lives marred by the terrible dilemma, croissant or muffin, will call this a veritable muffin Mount Olympus because it has pioneered the delicious love child of the two pastries…the Cruffin.

And it even comes in different flavours including scrumptious Caribbean style coconut and lime.

But this happening-but-still-homely ideal local café has got more going on than just the rhubarb muffin/croissant crosses.

It is a “breakfaster” (and, let’s face it if you live in or are visiting Melbourne, you are a breakfaster) and a patisserie head’s paradise.

Worth special mention among a very decent selection of “All Day” options are the:

  • Crepe Roll with Asparagus, Istra Ham, Hollandaise Sauce and a crispy crumbed poached egg.
  • Coconut Brioche French Toast with berries and salted caramel mascarpone (By the way, culinary joke Q: What sort of cheese do you use to hide a small horse A: Mask A Pony).
  • 3 Grain “power breakfast” – Porridge with organic amaranth, quinoa and polenta.

And to up the sugar quotient even further you could have a Mork Speciality Hot Chocolate to go with it.

But, never fear, they have the yang and yin mix of sugar and spice and all things calorific with the more healthy elements just right.

The aforementioned Mork Hot Choc is 70% pure cocoa and their speciality green juice Hail The Kale is a cold pressed culinary delight of a concoction of Kale, Celery, Apple, Lemon and Ginger.

And, like every new café worth their salted caramel these days, they offer Almond Milk – but their’s unlike some others is the real deal, unsweetened raw almond Milk.

And, finally, if all that was not enough, if there is anything that could be sweeter than their food, it is the attentive, polite, informed and helpful service by a father, mother , brother and sister core staff – who immediately make you feel like one of the family. And in your own home…from home.

Miss Alex & Co
85 Brighton Road Elwood 3184
Ph: (03) 9531 6517

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