Acland St: Bitcoin Central

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Could Bitcoin(cash) transform Acland Street into the most active shopping strip in Melbourne?

Bitcoin is quite the revolutionary currency, it’s caused waves around the world since its inception in 2009 and Australia is home to numerous savvy developers that have created ways to keep it flowing.  Some readers may be wondering what that cash is doing sitting next to Bitcoin in the headline. On 1st Aug this year Bitcoin split or forked into the true interpretation of itself as a currency, now known as Bitcoin Cash (Or BCH for social media and trading purposes). An infrastructure is being built to introduce BCH as the fastest way to do business both online and face to face with a phone app for very fast transactions.

And there are already a few businesses in St Kilda using this shopping precinct, establishing the area as quite the hub for Bitcoin activity. A handful of business owners have been receptive to accepting #bitcoin since the ‘early’ days, i25 on Blessington street has been exchanging their delicious food/beverages for the last two years, Alan from Eclectico was early to the scene, and Joel Cohen who was managing the St Kilda Hub (now Blank Canvas) was one of the very first people in Australia to say yes to hosting a Bitcoin machine on their premises. Just recently SouvlakiGR (78a Acland St) stepped up the competition with their two way ATM, making St Kilda street the busiest strip in Melbourne for Bitcoin activity by default, without much effort at all.

What would it take for St Kilda to become a Bitcoin Cash tourist attraction?

A selection of shop owners have said yes to accepting BCH in exchange for goods and services, it’s that simple. All businesses are listed in directories, talked about in forums, hubs and social media sites, it’s proving quite an easy way to get attention online. Australians are way ahead of the game, we have services like, a very newly listed website that now offers merchants rewards for any purchases tracked through their website. Kahn Hood from Queensland has made his site super easy for businesses to participate in this bCommerce ‘revolution’.

Another very easy, fun way to start accumulating Bitcoin Cash is in a treasure hunt. A team of people have planted wallets around St Kilda loaded with small amounts of BCH, QR codes have been planted in secret locations ready for their content to be snapped up… find out more here –

Local resident Dale Dickins has been very active talking to businesses about Bitcoin since 2012, when the most common response was “never heard of it, what’s that?”. She is the creator of #TheBitcoinDoco and is really happy now to at least be able to converse with people about the subject, so much so that she’s been facilitating workshops to teach people how to use Bitcoin Cash. Her unique storytelling approach has been received by a wide variety of people, particularly women, she’s keen to get Bitcoin into the minds of 50% of the market that somehow has been bypassed by the predominantly male technology ‘experts’.

Her workshops focus on the practical aspects of Bitcoin Cash, how to confidently transact using a phone and/or a laptop. In her workshops people learn why there are so many wallets and how they differ, she gives an easy way to comprehend how and why Bitcoin arrived, and how it’s structured, and she’s particularly strong for educating people on ways to store their coins safely. Her experience has shown that many people are actively participating in this competitive market, and leaving their coins on exchanges, which is a big no-no.

Although she’s not an expert trader, her workshops give tips for trading, what to listen for in this extremely competitive market, and pitfalls to avoid, of which there are many. With approximately 2000 different alternative coins ‘to play with’ and hundreds being added each month. This industry is a minefield, one worth investing time and energy into before dabbling.

These workshops are held monthly on the last Thursday of each month 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Blank Canvas, Level 2, 82 Acland Street, StKilda.

There is also a regular free Bitcoin Cash meet-up at this venue third Thursday of each month, same time.

Registrations are compulsory, the cost is $150 and participants receive $50 back during the introductory call. By speaking with people individually Dale learns what is most important for participants and customises workshop to cater for each person’s needs. This subject is so broad she can speak on a wide range of subjects, it’s important to her to have participants’ individual interests addressed.

Next workshop is 29 March call 0405 776 169 to chat with Dale, or gather some friends and organise to meet at Leroy’s for a coffee/tea to discuss whether her workshops will provide value for you

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