Abandoned to Die

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A Film by R Thomas Bradbury

It was a violent clash of cultures. The nomadic Native Americans were being driven from their ancestral lands by ever-increasing numbers of encroaching settlers.

The 109-minute feature motion picture Abandoned to Die, is based on a true story on the American frontier shortly after the American Civil War.

The feature motion picture was years in the making. It involved several years of historical research before the writing of the screenplay because the history surrounding the events had been nearly lost.

Director, R Thomas Bradbury did several years of research before writing the 110-page screenplay. He personally cast all 33 speaking parts in the motion picture. He rehearsed the principal cast in his own home, weekly, for more than a year before production. He scouted and selected all the production locations. He directed every scene in the movie.

The motion picture features several original songs written by Australian APRA songwriter – members.

“Abandoned to Die,” to be held at the Astor Cinema at 8:00 PM, Thursday, 13 October 2016.

Admission to the screening can be requested at the following email address: atdfirstlook@gmail.com

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