A Sunset Boulevard- On St Kilda Esplanade

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I was standing at an airport with a friend yesterday, when she asked me “Where do older people go out these days?” It got me to thinking: what is older? And so I asked the scary question. Her answer: “Over 25” she said. Not that scary! So I rattled off a rendition of last Saturday night.

I gave her the events of my friends, a young (over 25 though) newly engaged couple who wanted a nice evening out together. They took themselves out for an early bite and then wandered over to the National Theatre on the corner of Barkly and Carlisle streets, to attend an opening of Sunset Boulevard.

Maureen Andrew in CLOC's Australasian Non Professional Premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard

This musical has been widely publicised and was most anticipated after the success of the last production- Aspects Of Love. The production itself is another hit, with a professional cast and well known personalities who you will recognise from their television work.

The story unrolls from Golden Days in Hollywood, where a struggling screen writer happens upon a Silent Film star, still hoping to bask in her glory days as the talkies take over. Jam packed with dramas of love, betrayal, dreams and tragedies- Sunset Boulevard is completely entertaining from the start to the closing curtain. Stand out performances from Maureen Andrew and Mark Doran playing the lead roles will thrill all theatre goers.

And so, for those who are wanting to make use of the culture this wonderful pocket of Melbourne can provide; Sunset Boulevard and further productions by CLOC will satisfy. There is no better date than a pre-drink at one of the local wine bars, to take in a show, and then a late bite to eat as you wind down (or up) from a spectacular performance. Try the new Supper Menu at The Dogs Bar where the kitchen is open til 12, or a late tasting plate at Cicciolina Back Bar. A Perfect Evening.

By Gabrielle Harkins and Elaine Gilhooley.

Watch a time lapse video of the Sunset Boulevard stage here.

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