A man on a mission

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By Alexandra Duffy

Seventeen year-old Naphtali Meltzer is on a mission to raise $15,000 for the Cancer Council by running 147km (this comes to seven and a half marathons), in thirteen days.

“I found out I could do my own race called ‘My Run for Cancer – My Own Way’ and I decided to do seven and a half marathons in 13 days. I always had a dream to do an event where you can do seven marathons, in seven days, in seven countries so I thought I could do my own one.”

A boy from East St Kilda is currently in year eleven, and is determined to raise funds as he has lost three grandparents due to cancer. His family is hoping that with the money raised it can go towards a cure for the disease that has had a negative impact on his family.

“It all started in 2015 mid- year holidays in July where I had a bit of time and I thought how can I combine my love for athletics and also doing something good for the community. I have had three grandparents who have died from cancer so I thought why not run and give that money to the Cancer Council.”

Unlike, most young men, Meltzer, has a goal and records to break. Aside from his astonishing 147km run and being sponsored by Deliveroo, he attempts to break his personal best in the upcoming weeks.

“For half marathon my personal best is 1hr 35 mins, I am running in the Sandy Point half marathon on the 21st of August and I aim to break an hour 30, it’s a pretty big jump, but I will see how I go.”

On top of raising money for the Cancer Council, Meltzer, is a part of a triathlon team, where physical and mental exertion are consistent necessities to maintain.

“Training wise – it is a lot of training, I always have to be mentally prepared because I do triathlon and that is pretty demanding because you have to swim, get on the bike and then go out and run.”

Being identified as a good runner, Meltzer’s niche may not all come down to running.

“I do enjoy doing hands on activities, like building, I don’t have much time to do it thought. Once I got a bit older my eldest brother identified that I was a good runner.”

“I think I would like to go into property development, I am not going to last behind a desk, I would like to do something that will give me the option to get out there.”

Most students struggle with the balance of work and school, however, this seventeen year-old endures long days and nights.

“It’s pretty hard, I have a very long day. I start at 7 and finish at 5:15 it gets hard at times, sometimes I run at 8 and get home by 10.”

Whilst, Meltzer, is doing all the physical work in order to keep donations flowing. Any member of the community is able donate as every cent goes towards a good cause. So far he has raised $10,800.

“The donations are going through, ‘An Everyday Hero,’ fundraising page. It’s pretty much sending emails to family and friends and getting around the sharing it on Facebook, every donation helps.”

With great skill and determination, Meltzer, will certainly be one to watch as he embarks on his future career. In light of the Rio Olympics, Meltzer, could be aiming to bigger tracks to concur.

“I very much hope I can do triathlon in 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.”

In order to help the cause, every donation can make a difference. You are able to contribute to Naphtali Meltzer’s marathon via https://my-own-way-2016.everydayhero.com/au/my-run-for-cancer.

Naphtali Meltzer - Photo by Irene Grynbaum

Naphtali Meltzer – Photo by Irene Grynbaum

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