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Supafight Gym is a renowned training ground for professional and amateur fighters, but the St Kilda muay thai gym is now focused on a different fight

Following the unfortunate death of Eurydice Dixon, the gym has offered a free eight-week training course for women. The course will run twice a week and be taught by Supafight Gym owner Don Millar, as well as a number of the gym’s senior female fighters.

Since creating the initiative, Millar has been inundated with more than 40 women signing up for the course in less than a week. 

“The response has been overwhelming, which clearly indicates that self-defence is incredibly important to an increasing number of women, he said.

The course is free because, unfortunately, money is a major barrier to women learning how to protect themselves. Knowing the basics of how to fight off an attacker is crucial, especially at a time when violence against women is a real issue in the community.”

Millar added that self-defence doesn’t require the same technical skills as those of professional and amateur fighters

Self-defence is nothing like a fight in a ring, where you are facing an opponent of similar size and skill. Self-defence is more about knowing how and where to strike quickly in order to escape.” 

Millar is encouraging other gyms to offer similar initiatives. 

“We’re only a small gym but Supafight is a real familyI‘d really like to see other gyms step up and offer something similar because there is a real demand in the community. The most vulnerable are often the ones who can’t afford to pay for self-defence classes.” 

Contact Don Millar – 0402 691 979 

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