7 Ways to Help You Lose Weight & Get Healthy:

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By: Ben Longley

Eat less crap. Remove all the processed, packaged, artificial foods from your diet. Foods like bread, sweets, chips, biscuits, noodles, pasta, pastries and the like. These foods are high in calories, sugar, processed oils, and preservatives and eliminating them from your diet will improve your waistline, energy levels, and your overall health tremendously.

Do some weight training. Gone are the days weight training is thought to be only for meathead bodybuilders.  Everyone can benefit from adding some appropriate strength training to their exercise program, it will help you lose weight, tone up, improve your posture, and keep you strong, healthy and moving well.

Get more sleep. In this day and age most people are working long hours, staying up too late, getting up too early and compromising their sleep. This affects you on a hormonal level and will take its toll on your health and your weight over time no matter who you are.  Find the time to get 8 hours a night or sneak in some naps!

Eat more vegetables. Eating more veggies will help your body to function properly at optimal levels and it will just make you a healthier person, period.  They are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and a host of other goodies, which will help you to lose weight, improve your energy levels and strengthen your immune system. Eat as wide a variety as you can in as many colours as you can every single day.

De-stress. Our minds are bombarded every single day with an abundance of information, thoughts, and things to do that can be a cause of a lot of stress. This will also affect you on a hormonal level, which is often accompanied by a lack of sleep, so it can have quite an affect on your physical and mental health. Take some time every day to meditate, go for a relaxing walk, play golf or do whatever it is that helps you to relax and de-stress

Get Outside. Most people spend so much time indoors, apart from a lack of sunlight giving many people Vitamin D deficiencies (which comes with its own set of issues), it can really have a negative impact on your mental health. If you don’t get to breathe in some fresh air, get some sun light and experience nature on a regular basis, try heading to the park for a run, go for a bike ride, walk along the beach, go hiking, play a game of footy – there’s just something healthy about being outside and doing some exercise that makes you feel great.

Drink more water. This is the most abundant substance in your body and is used for countless physiological functions. Every cell of your body contains water and needs it to carry nutrients, blood and oxygen all around your body. Water will help you lose weight, optimize energy and flush out toxins.

Ben Longley is a St Kilda personal trainer, and the owner of The Fit Stop, a personal training and group training studio in St Kilda East, specialising in fat loss & real fitness results for local residents.

For more information about his services you can visit www.StKildaFitnessTrainer.com.au or read his health & fitness blog at www.TheFitStop.com.au

You can contact him at ben@bgltraining.com.au

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