Feast your eyes – The Melbourne Cup’s midriff frenzy

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By Kimi Nandini

When one thinks of the Melbourne Cup images of men in fitted suits and impeccable tailoring come to mind, but let’s not forget the women of the Melbourne Cup. How their elegant gowns, finely crafted high heels, and the oh-so well placed hats capture the attention of Melbourne Cup Carnival goers. Fashion comes to life when one struts in their well thought out attire during the Melbourne Cup; be it a $15,000 Hermes dress or a Louise Macdonald Milliner hat to finish off their outfit.

I hope you kept your receipt dear St Kilda race goers, because the word is out; racing authorities have banned exposed midriffs at some spots of the Melbourne Cup. Over the year, crop tops have been all the buzz, they have made a comeback from the 70’s and are here to stay – but not if you’re wearing them to the Melbourne Cup. If you’re one of those guilty women with exposed midriffs, you can expect the fashion police to stop you during this glamorous event from entering the Members Grandstand and enclosure. But good news for those attending the general admissions area, the rules will not apply to you, so go ahead and flaunt your crop top.

This rule may seem harsh to some but it has been one rule that has been severely forced down our throats over the years. For example: Lara Bingle’s outfit last year was considered to be distasteful and was not received well. Melissa Hoyer, the news.com.au style commentator, stated: “I think the belly ban is a good thing and should be extended to trackside guests”. She further states that exposing your midriff is a way of showing that you’re lazy and disrespectful, considering that you’re attending one of the country’s biggest events.

Just last year Danielle Spencer glammed it up by wearing a vibrant coloured crop top and a pencil skirt with minimal skin showing and most considered it to be a well put together ensemble, but if she were to adorn a similar outfit she would have been shunned and denied entry into the VIP Birdcage – this was case in point when model and actress Cindy Carino, who graced us with her presence during the Melbourne Cup, was ‘kicked out’ of the venue when her head turning plunging Dion Lee outfit caused somewhat of a stir.

Menfolk aren’t excluded from this rule either; men will not be allowed admission to the member’s area if they are seen clad in brightly colored suits, denim, or thongs. Wait, no denim? Whatever will poor 2001 Justin Timberlake wear now?

Personally I find a lot more things to be offensive this week at the Melbourne Cup; ranging from fake tan lines, to revealing bra straps and the abundance of side boob, but good heavens! Not the midriff, because that’s just appalling. Let’s just cross our fingers in hope that those get banned at the next Melbourne Cup.

image of Cindy Carino Derby Day 2014

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