48H Pizza & Gnocchi Bar

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By Mantis Kane @uflava 

Claiming to be a genuine Italian restaurant used to be as simple as hiring a few Mediterranean backpackers, dressing them in white overalls and serving thin crust pizzas. 

For most, these touch points will suffice, after all, we live in a world of imitation: digitalised music, chemically flavoured drinks, Facebook ‘friends’ and fake news – who’s going to split hairs over the Italianess of an Italian? 

But those aficionados who need to prod a little further, there are some venues that reveal a thick bloodline, from the counter to the kitchen.    

If you’re a stickler for authenticity, 48H might be what you’re looking for.  

Like most, the first question on my lips was the name – why 48H? Is it a reflection on the slow service? Or post meal recovery time?  

We’ve all been wilfully induced into a wheat induced coma, transformed into a slow-moving beast, as the brain’s gears grind to halt.  

But no, it’s far more technical. It concerns the dough making process, and probably best explained by the owner, “If you want to eat a real pizza, make sure the dough has been leavened for 48 hours! For us, 48 hours is the minimum time required for the dough to rise. A dough that has been leavened for 48h with natural yeast will make your pizza light, fragrant and aromatic…just like in Italy”.  

There you go, in the owner’s words, they’re doing the minimum – which is still probably 47 hours more than most pizzerias. And the pizzas are delicious.  

Here are some pics from the launch. 

 15 Gordon Street, Elsternwick, VIC 3185 


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